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General Meeting – February 9th, 2020

Thank You for your continued support of the Alexander Valley Association.  2019 was a difficult year for the Alexander Valley community. So many of our friends & neighbors lost homes in the Kinkade Fire, and the burnt hills of Alexander Valley are a constant reminder of what occurred. The AVA will work to provide information and support the valley through the recovery efforts.  We also ask that our fire survivors provide us with updated mailing addresses so we can stay in touch.

In 2019, the AVA participated in the county process to amended the Accessory Dwelling Unit regulations, and the changed to zoning regulations for overnight accommodations. We also continue to monitor the activities around the proposed replacement of the Chalk Hill road bridge. We also receive notifications from PRMD of proposed building permits in Alexander Valley.

We look forward to seeing you at the annual meeting on February 9th at 8:30 in the Alexander Valley Community Hall. It is important that you include an email  with your dues  as the AVA now sends our community alerts and news items via email. You can pay your dues at the meeting, send us a check or do it online  here

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