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Media Kit

Brand Guidelines

Logo Standards

ALWAYS use ‘original’ artwork of the AVA logo. Poor quality reproductions of the logo tarnish the company’s image.

ALWAYS display the AVA logo on its own. The logo should NEVER be combined with other figures, words, trademarks or symbols.

NEVER use the AVA logo in a headline or in copy text.

Logo Standards.png
Logo Formats.png

Logo Formats

NEVER alter the AVA logo, nor add extra elements to it.

NEVER distort the AVA logo, horizontally or vertically.

ALWAYS display the AVA logo horizontally, and never vertically, diagonally, in an arc or otherwise.

Logo Exclusion Zones

To ensure legibility, always keep a minimum clear space around the logo. This space isolates the mark from any competing graphic elements like other logos or body copy that might conflict with, overcrowd, and lessen the impact of the mark.

On rare occasions, AVA will use their logo with “0.5 x” condensed spacing. This is not to be used by third parties.

Logo Spacing.png
Logo ColoursBorder.png

Logo Colors

The AVA logo is always either white or full black.

The AVA logo never sports any visual effects like shadows or gradients.

Choose the right color option to get the best color contrast to a given background.


Our Corporate Font is Acumin Pro. Use the

regular formatting for paragraph text and the

bold formatting for titles.


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