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All your music. Everywhere.

Use your favorite streaming app 

Finally you can use the official streaming apps to play your music.

No more sound system specific “integrations” that lack functionality  and quality.

With AVA you get a much richer experience and the apps are always up to date. The real deal.
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Streaming app

Hidden Away.
Made for Any Scale.

The AVA streamer features a clever rack mount solution so it's hidden away, out of the customer's sight and ideal to be installed and maintained by the pro-installer. 

The Streamer is very compact. It uses just 1 rack unit (1.75 inches) of height for 3 zones.
Rack cover plates that match the streamer’s look are available to make every rack look perfectly dressed.
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Streams directly

When playing music, the streamer does not stream via the remote control device such at the phone, tablet or remote.

The AVA streamer streams direct, so you get the best quality playback and reliabitiy. A nice side-effect is that the battery of your remote control device doesn’t drain.

This really kills the need for proprietary integrations and you get the best of both worlds with AVA.  
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Best Multiroom Experience 

Stream to one zone or to a group of zones.
Thanks to group presets, you don’t even have to leave your music app not even once.
Innovations like “individual zone delays” create groups that are perfectly in sync.

Studio Audio Quality. Seriously. 

AVA’s audio products are co-developed with studio audio legends and the craziest audio people out there. 
The award winning Primare NP5 MK2 streaming module and the no-compromize 192 kHz ESS SABRE DAC make this one of the best sounding streamers ever.
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Jump around. Dance. Sing along.

True Joy.

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