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All your music. Everywhere.

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2022 starts powerful. AVA Remote & Speaker available!

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AVA Remote



AVA Streamer


AVA Speaker

Studio Audio Quality for your Home

Perfect music reproduction is all about experience. AVA is engineered by legendary studio audio professionals.

Streaming Audio done right.

AVA unites the simplicity of connected speakers with the sound quality of true high-end speakers. 

For the first time you can get both in one compact speaker, without compromising on aesthetics.

True Stereo!

AVA takes care of all the tricky parts. All connected wirelessly.

Zero delay. Perfect Clock. Real time DSP. All innovations that were required for AVA's true high-end audio experience.
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For All Genres!

Most common speakers only work well for certain types of music due to their construction and tuning. AVA's studio audio approach, the use of a single full range driver and high quality components result in the incredible result that you can play whatever you want and it just sounds right. 

Your Favorite Music. Immediately.

The simple Touch UI allows you to select your five favorite playlists, stations or albums with a quick tap. No phone or remote needed.
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Engineered from scratch with a high-end full range driver.

Super-compact, packed with technology.
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Jump around. Dance. Sing along.

True Joy.

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