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1. Get Hooked Up

Powering and Connecting to the Network:

A | PoE (Power over Ethernet):

  • Use any standard Ethernet cable (Cat5e or higher) that meets the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard.

  • Connect the cable to a powered PoE switch.

  • Connect the same cable to the AVA Ethernet to USB-C (PoE) adapter.

  • Plug the adapter's USB-C connector into the central port on the back of the Nano Brain.

B | No PoE? No problem! 

  • Use the Brain's provided USB-C cable and an AVA Power Supply for power.

  • Connect a regular Ethernet cable with network connection (any category) to one of the free ports on the left using the AVA PoE Adapter.

Note: Always place the power into the rightmost USB-C with the lightning bolt icon.

For detailed instructions, refer to the AVA Nano Brain Quick Start Guide.

1. Get Hooked Up
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