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Quick Start Guide

AVA OS makes it easy to use modern AV systems by coordinating their various components into a single world that feels natural to use.

Find an overview of the key components below: 

What is AVA OS

What is AVA OS? 

Intuitive setup 

You set up and configure AVA OS completely from an AVA remote control (either AVA Cinema Remote or AVA Home Remote). No other software configuration tool or application is required.

Understanding Flows

Understanding Flows

Step by Step

Flows offer a unique world of possibilities for simplifying your Smart Home automation. Here we will provide an example of creating and customzing a Flow.

Take this knowledge and customize your own Flows to fit your exact needs. Flows can be as simple as opening an app, and complex enough to control your entire home.

Dynamic Keypad

Dynamic Keypad

Radical Control

AVA Cinema Remote is a premium, handheld remote control that combines a vibrant, edge-to-edge touchscreen with a groundbreaking button interface called Dynamic Keypad.



Jump In

You want to get watching your most frequently used channels and apps as fast as possible. Favorites allows for you to add custom shortcuts that activate at a single push, getting you to where you want to be, faster. 

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